RIT Packaging


 Locating and removing a down firefighter is probably the most stressful and difficult operations you may ever experience on the fire ground.

There are a lot of "experts" in the fire service who come up with ideas on how, why, and what to do with very little practical experience of even being in burning buildings.

There are a lot of removal devices on the market, which may add value at some point, but significantly delay the removal because they need to get to the down firefighter typically from outside the building, and typically by the FAST Truck...

If you are not aggressively packaging the down firefighter by using what you have on you, in your pockets, or what is directly on him, (his scba) then you are delaying his removal.

When you go to move him out, you're not going to use fancy rope systems, you're not going to use 2:1's, you're going to grab anything you can to start moving them to a better location. You're going to grab the DRD, the shoulder straps of the scba, maybe even the remote gauge on the scba to start moving the brother or sister. Grab anything you can hold on to!

Unless the down member is pinned under debris, stuck in a hole, or just had to jump out a window and are seriously injured, if you are waiting for help, you've waited too long!

This is the most down and dirty evolution you may ever do in your career or your life! If you're thinking fancy, you've thought too much! Keep it basic!

Transmit the MAYDAY, check the members air, package the member, and start moving!

If you can move the down member 10' closer to the door, that's 10' closer to them surviving!


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