Lil' Buddy Back-Up Safety System

Safety during training is essential for successful training! Injuring a member during training by dropping them from height without proper safety systems, ground pads, or a combination of both is simply not acceptable. This is why RPI chose the Lil’ Buddy as out safety belay device of choice.

The Lil’ Buddy Back-up Safety System or the Rollgliss R520 Rescue and Descent Device by 3M Capital Safety was originally designed to lower lineman to the ground safely. This device uses an internal clutching mechanism to provide a controlled and safe descent of between 3’-5’ per second.

Traditionally, when a safety system fails, it’s not due to equipment failure, but due to human error. This easy-to-use, fully automatic device is ideal to replace manually operated safety belays like a tandem prusik belay system, essentially removing the belay man from the system, removing the possibility of human error. The device can be set at a high point above the training area, or the rope can be put through a change of direction above the training area a well. The instructor simply needs to reset the Lil’ Buddy by pulling the slack through the device so the opposite snap clip is in position above the member who is on belay and so that all the unnecessary slack is taken out of the system between the device and the member. If the member were for some reason to fall, the rope would engage and member would be safely lowered to the ground.

5- 25’ pieces of 1” webbing and 5- 30’ pieces of webbing are included with the Lil’ Buddy for hasty harness.

  • Fully automatic controlled descent

  • Bidirectional design enables multiple belays

  • 50’ or 100’ kernmantle rope lifeline

  • Dual redundant brake systems

  • Integrated rope control earsExtremely compact and lightweight design

  • High strength corrosion resistant construction

  • Complete with anchorage carabiner and storage/deployment bag

  • Equipped with i-Safe™

  • Certification: OSHA, ANSI Z359.4-2007, EN341, NFPA 1983
  • Safe Working Load: 310 lbs. (141 kg.)