The RPI Lumbar Pouch 

The RPI Lumbar Pouch is designed to distribute the weight of your personal escape system across as much of your body as possible to help reduce chronic injury to the firefighter. The pouch is designed for both the right and left side of the firefighter and should be mounted opposite of the closure of the waist belt of the harness. The pouch is designed in a two part configuration, the front part being the hook and descender storage area and the rear section being the rope storage area. The pouch can easily hold the RPI Hook and the RPI 1/23 Hook as well as all other certified escape hooks available today. The pouch is designed to hold up to 50’ of 7.5mm Escape Rope or up to 65’ of RPI Escape Webbing. While originally designed to for the RPI System only, the Lumbar pouch has the ability to hold multiple different escape systems currently available on the market. The pouch is designed with a tear-a-way top flap that is designed to be removed during deployment to prevent accidental closing due to conditions


Fire Resistant (FR) Ballistic Nylon Carry Pouch

LUMBAR Pouch Configuration for right or left side of the body

Specially designed with a Tear-Away Flap for easy deployment of system

Available with Orange or Lime Triple Trim (Recommended the opposite of your gear striping color)

Multiple rear loops for attaching to different harness waist belts